Stallworth Educational Consulting Team (SECT)

In a country that’s making significant cultural, paradigm shifts, all people could benefit from a guiding source. We at Stallworth Educational Consulting Team (SECT) strongly believe that schools can play a critical role in providing that guiding source to heal our country by using words to transform students’ mindsets and create individuals who are conscious of their role in a culturally changing world. It was Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who once spoke of "The Danger of the Single Story." She stressed the importance of how we should know that “other voices” exist. Invite us into your schools, and we will offer ways that your school can incorporate a much more culturally conscious curriculum that mirrors the cultural paradigm shift that is currently occurring in our country and the world.

Jacqueline Stallworth

Professional Development

We offer schools the opportunity to reflect upon their current curriculum practices to ensure that it reflects the diverse world in which we live.


Curriculum Development

We work closely with curriculum directors, coaches, and teachers to create a culturally relevant curriculum.


Educational Philosophy

We believe that the curriculum should reflect the diverse world in which we live.